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Do not install C:Program FilesAutoUSBCheckAutoUSBCheck.exe or install Adobe Reader. You can also choose another browser. We recommend using Yandex services and viewing information on two sites at once (after downloading, click the Browse or Mail client button, select the best display method and click Add).
If you are still unable to install Adobe PDF, then uninstall the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, restart your computer, and try installing the PDF file again. If Adobe EPD is needed, then download the latest version of Adobe FineReader.
We strongly recommend that you install the fonts in Microsoft Word. There is an installation method that allows you to do this at any time without installing the software on your computer. When using this method, fonts are installed in an instant.
IMPORTANT: We recommend using fonts and wallpapers for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.
If you have problems installing Microsoft Office, we recommend that you reset Microsoft Office to its original state (in the Start menu - Programs - Accessories - System Tools - System Restore). If Windows doesn't start, go back to installing Office on your computer.
Customizing PDF Documents
To set up PDF documents, select the appropriate item from the context menu, which is called by clicking on the document with the right mouse button. In the Edit field, select Add manually (for Russian) or Modify manually (if you are not using Microsoft Word). In the dialog that appears, enter the last name of the first, as well as the initials and number of the first sheet (if possible). Click the OK button.
To view the main document parameters in the Properties window, click the Properties button. Detailed information about the document displayed in the window is presented at the bottom of the window. After carrying out all the actions described above, a set of icons will appear in the window, displaying the elements of these documents (Fig. 6.2).
The Group List Options tab allows you to set individual options for a particular document.
In the Page Setup group, enter the name of the document. The document will start on this page. To insert additional data into the document, select Edit (to enter and correct data in both fields, press the Select button).
To see the content of the document page in the upper part of the window, select Page Title and check the New Page item in the list that appears.
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